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    Prescott Criminal Lawyer - Best Lawyer Gets Best ResultsMany Arizona families are currently facing financial instability. For these families, the stress associated with such financial concerns comes in many forms can be debilitating. Relentless creditor harassment, sizeable wage garnishment, unforeseen levies on current assets, foreclosure and repossession are just some of the potential consequences of unmanageable debt.

    Fortunately, there are several options available that help residents of Arizona manage their debt and bills. Attorney debt settlement allows many consumers to negotiate with their creditors and settle their current debt for a fraction of the amount owed – often for 55% or less of the total debt and fees. Simply make monthly or lump sum payments into a protected trust account and your attorney will handle the rest, negotiating with your creditors to obtain the lowest possible settlement.

    An alternative to debt settlement is bankruptcy protection. Under chapters 7 and 13 of the bankruptcy code, Arizona consumers can file for bankruptcy protection to eliminate most or their entire current debt burden. Bankruptcy protection allows thousands of Arizona families to obtain a fresh start every year. While it once carried a negative stigma, filing for bankruptcy in our current economic climate is now considered a prudent financial decision for many. Call our firm 7 days a week to speak with an experienced Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer.

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    We offer residents of Arizona low flat fees and payment plans that meet or beat our competitors’ rates. You can retain a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer at the My AZ Legal Team for little or no money down to stop the creditor calls.

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    If you are currently struggling to manage your debt and are overwhelmed at the thought of even one more month of bills, don’t hesitate to contact the bankruptcy and debt settlement attorneys of My AZ Legal Team, PLLC. Through a free consultation, we can review your current financial predicament and guide you through all possible solutions. Contact us today at (602) 466-9631

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      They were absolutely amazing in handling our case!! The entire firm worked as a team and were all extremely determined to handle our case promptly ensuring things were taken care of. They had confidence in and out of the courtroom in handling our case! We were reassured constantly when things got nerve wrecking and their actions gave us faith that we would be treated fairly. I love how much knowledge they all possessed in all areas of the law.