What is the Cost of Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

cost of filing for bankruptcy in arizona

What is the Cost of Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

Filing for a bankruptcy in Arizona is far from a free of charge process. Depending on the type of bankruptcy that youa��re filing for and the professionals you hire to assist you, chances are that you will need to prepare for some fees.A�There are differences between filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While the fees are more or less similar, this is another essential to keep in mind when determiningA�cost of filing for bankruptcy in Arizona, andA�which type of bankruptcy to file for.

Court Filing Fees

Even if you decide to go through the bankruptcy process on your own, you will still have to be prepared for the court filing fees.

People filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will need to pay a 335-dollar court filing fee. The amount is the same whether a person is filing on their own or theya��re looking for joint bankruptcy with a spouse.

The fee for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is 310 dollars, according to the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona. All fees are due at the time of filing and the respective amounts for Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy are effective since December 1, 2016.

There are various other procedural fees that could apply. The complete list of payments due for archive retrievals, copies, exemplification, redaction, reopening, etc. is available on the bankruptcy courta��s website.

Keep in mind that if you cannot pay the entire fee, the court may grant you the permission to provide monthly installments. In order to do so, you have to file Form 3A and propose a schedule for the payment of the entire court fee.

Other Charges and Bankruptcy-Related Expenses

cost of filing for bankruptcy in arizonaFor most people, the cost of filing for bankruptcy in Arizona doesna��t consist solely of the court fee. The process is extensive and it involves the filing of many different documents. A mistake could be costly and time-consuming. Thus, many individuals who file for bankruptcy choose to hire professionals who are going to guide them through the process.

There are a few other important expenses to keep in mind.

Before filing for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, people in Arizona will have to go through a mandatory credit counseling course. Such courses arena��t available for free. Luckily, inexpensive options can be found online, some of them available for as little as 20 dollars.

A financial management course is another prerequisite for declaring bankruptcy. This one will usually be available at approximately 50 dollars per course.

Most course providers could be capable of providing waivers and discounts to individuals who cannot afford to pay the entire amount. If you are in such a situation, contact the entity responsible for course provision. Chances are that a flexible arrangement could be made to enable the completion of all the mandatory pre-bankruptcy requirements.

Moving on to attorney fees, these will vary greatly. If you do a bit of online research, you will find out that bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona charge differently for their services. One thing to understand when looking for such services is that the most inexpensive offer out there isna��t always going to be the best one. Instead, look for a good price to quality ratio. You need an attorney with a lot of experience and with an excellent reputation to get the advice and the assistance that you need.

Ita��s also up to you to ask about the payment schedule. Some attorneys demand upfront payments for their consultation and for the preparation of bankruptcy documents. In other instances, the attorney may be paid through the court process over time.

Finally, you should know that many reputable lawyers offer their clients a free of charge first consultation. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet a specialist, explore their communication style and learn a bit more about fees and payment options.