How Long After Filing Bankruptcy Do Creditors Stop Calling?

How Long After Filing Bankruptcy Do Creditors Stop Calling

How Long After Filing Bankruptcy Do Creditors Stop Calling?

Are debt collectors calling you day and night, demanding to be paid? Have you received threatening letters from debt collectors by mail, warning you about penalties for refusing to pay them? You might think that filing for bankruptcy in Arizona will immediately stop these harassing calls and letters from debt collectors. Filing for bankruptcy usually triggers an automatic stay, meaning that all debt collection activity must cease until your bankruptcy filing has been resolved, normally through discharge. However, sometimes the nasty calls and mailings continue after you have filed for bankruptcy in Arizona.

Why Are Debt Collectors Still Calling Me After I Filed for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

Creditors don’t always receive timely notification of your bankruptcy filing, or might not yet have entered that filing into their electronic systems. Hence, you might still be receiving calls or letters from them, demanding payment. It can take a while for your filing to be translated into being removed from their call and mailing lists. If you do receive calls asking for payment for a debt that you have already included in your bankruptcy filing, you should inform the caller that you have filed for bankruptcy in Arizona. Refer them to us, your Arizona bankruptcy attorneys, for further information or if they have questions. If you receive debt collection letters, call the number listed on the letters and let them know that you have filed for bankruptcy and that you have representation from us.

Should I Keep Notes of Harassment by Creditors?

Yes, definitely keep notes of all calls and correspondence you receive from debt collectors after you file for bankruptcy in Arizona. Notifying them that you have filed for bankruptcy should be enough to get the calls and letters to stop. If they don’t, keep a log of the dates, times, and content of their calls and letters, along with the name of the person to whom you spoke (if a phone call), and record this information. Pass all of this information onto us, your Arizona bankruptcy lawyers.

When Should I Take Legal Action Against Debt Collectors Who Are Harassing Me?

How Long After Filing Bankruptcy Do Creditors Stop CallingIf your creditors have been notified that you have filed for bankruptcy in Arizona and that you have legal representation, and they are still harassing you, you do have legal options. These include suing the creditor and getting restitution for the harassment. Talk to us, your Arizona bankruptcy lawyers, about your experiences and your legal options. Usually, a simple phone call and/or letter from us to the harassing debt collectors is enough to stop their harassment, but if they continue aggressive collection actions against you, you might need to file a lawsuit against them.

Let us know if this occurs. Our Arizona bankruptcy law firm is ready and able to handle your harassment by debt collectors at any time of the day, any day of the week. Your bankruptcy filing in Arizona should bring you relief from these harassing calls and letters, as well as financial relief. We can help you to achieve a resolution and get the aggressive creditors to stop calling or mailing you if necessary.

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